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Q. What if it rains will Flameburst be cancelled?

A. This event has never been cancelled due to rain. Just wear suitable clothes and wellies.

Q. Why is the bonfire at the end of the event?

A. To reduce the possibility of sparks and intense heat igniting unlit fireworks.

Q. Can I bring up garden rubbish for the bonfire?

A. No, health & safety dictates only untreated dry softwood. Sorry.

Q. Will I be able to see the fireworks through the crowd, I have small children.

A. Not a problem as the public area is a gently sloping natural amphitheatre.

Q. Is the junior display silent.

A. No, although quieter than the main display there are still loud bangs.

Q. Is there public liability insurance for this event.

A. Yes, there is general cover extended by the firework and funfair companies.

Q. Will the entry price cover both displays.

A. Yes, stay all evening and watch both firework displays and the stage shows.

Q. Is there a bar serving alcohol or can I bring a drink in with me.

A. Sorry no alcohol allowed on site. Drunks will be refused entry.




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